WE ARE a law firm specializing in business law

We have very extensive experience in advising in legal matters such as contract law, employment law, agency law, corporate law, distribution law, due diligence, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, insolvency and tax issues.

For many of our clients, we work as THEIR corporate lawyers.

We know the client's business operations and transactions and handle most legal matters for them. In order to provide our clients with legal advice of the absolute highest quality our team members have specialized in the fields of commercial law, employment law, tax law, litigation, and insolvency law.

 Lexum is located in Täby, Sweden with business law as the main focus. The clients consist primarily of small and medium-sized owner-managed businesses

Lawyer / Partner

Member of the Swedish Bar Association and Partner. Works primarily with corporate law and specializes in transactions, contract law, and negotiations. He works with both Swedish and international business law as a member of a broad Swedish and international network. Anders also works with real estate and tenancy and can take assignments on corporate boards.

Direkt: 08 – 792 90 93

Lawyer / Partner

Member of the Swedish Bar Association and Partner. Eva specializes in international and Swedish corporate and tax law. A lot of her work is focused on advising in tax disputes, audits, and due diligence. She previously worked at the Law firm DLA Nordic Lindh, PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Tax Board.

Direkt: 08 – 792 90 92

Lawyer / Partner

Member of the Swedish Bar Association and Partner. Robert specializes in commercial law and labor law. He has extensive experience regarding bonuses and severance issues and is often engaged by other lawyers for his expertise, to act as an arbitrator, or for legal research assistance. Robert is part of a an extensive Nordic agent judicial network. He also advises clients in business law issues including corporate, lease, contract, personnel, customer and supplier legal issues. Robert can provide expert advice in complex disputes for disloyalty and business secrets

Direkt: 08 – 792 90 95

Practice Areas

Contract law

Our specialists in contract law have extensive experience in advising on contractual issues of small and large national companies as well as of multinational corporations. We review contracts and negotiate purchases, sales, litigations and settlements for any scale of commercial arrangements. We draw up contracts such as supplier contracts, licensing agreements, royalty agreements, construction and property agreements, purchase and sales agreements, consortium agreements, lease agreements, confidentiality agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, employment contracts, etc. We deal with national and international sales law, contract law, standardised contracts, financing issues and credit law, competition law, etc. We also provide assistance with outsourcing, public procurement, joint ventures and cooperation agreements.


Tax Law

We provide expert advice in taxation matters regarding the purchase and sale of businesses, properties, assets and liabilities and any other assets. Our tax experts assist us continuously as tax issues often arise with acquisitions and sales of companies and businesses. We assist with due diligence and also provide assistance in connection to acquisitions and restructuring. We have significant experience in handling tax disputes and the administrative law process. Tax audits are also a very significant focus. Our clients range from small national companies to multinational corporations.


Real Estate

We assist in the purchase and sale of properties, draw up contracts and provide advice on financing and tax issues. We review and advise in structure matters and deal with issues relating to construction companies including issues specific for Sweden like “contractor contamination”. We negotiate and draft real estate agreements. We work with tenancy law, construction law, exploitation and planning, etc.


Our specialists in M&A; advise both buyers and sellers in the acquisition and sale of companies. We negotiate and review the buyer company (due diligence), draft contracts and assist with structures etc. Tax issues are often associated with the acquisition or sale of companies so we work close together with our tax experts.

Agent and Distribution

Our expert in commercial distribution and agency law also has extensive experience in matters regarding commissions and severance issues. We also act as arbitrator in agency disputes.

Corporate law

We provide assistance with company formation, mergers, liquidations, adjustment of registrations for trade, boards, etc. We also provide board representation. We establish partnership agreements and provide advice on matters related to corporate establishment, financing and many other key issues. We can assist in IPOs, capital adjustments and structural issues that arise in connection with M&A; or other reorganisations. Taxation issues often arise with the purchase or acquisition of companies or businesses. We work together with tax experts ensuring our clients have control over whatever tax issues any changes might entail. We can also assist with many other company law issues.


A significant part of our business consists of advising clients in various disputes. We provide representation in both the general courts, in the administrative courts and in arbitration proceedings. We have extensive experience in litigation regarding for example matters such as employee disputes, contractual issues, and tax issues.

Labor law

Our experts can provide assistance in personnel matters such as hiring, termination and other matters in connection with reorganisations, mergers and acquisitions or other structural changes. Disloyalty, secrecy and competition issues in the employment context are also areas where we provide assistance. We draw up contracts, provide advice on pensions, insurance policies, stock option programs and other incentive programs for employees and key employees. We also have extensive experience in litigation and dispute resolution with respect to employment law issues.

Contact Information

  • Adress: Enhagsslingan 2, 187 40 Täby
  • Telefon: 08-792 90 90

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